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Let Us Introduce Ourselves


Now that we have shared our exciting news of Comeaux Supply’s very own brand, U.S. Welder, we would like to offer a little background information on our company.

For years, we at Comeaux Supply have worked under and have been guided by the best in the industry, Comeaux Caps. We have gained insight and knowledge on manufacturing caps that provide great quality and dependability. Over the years Comeaux Caps has made their home in the welding industry focusing on a business-to-business, brick and mortar audience. As times change, the individual audience does as well. Often, companies become torn between producing what an individual wants and what a business will allow. Comeaux Supply is excited and happy to bridge the gap. We are focused on listening and providing what our individual customers want. Craig Comeaux, owner of Comeaux Supply, has overseen the extremely successful internet side of Comeaux Caps for 10 years. While Comeaux Caps continues to put their imprint on the business-to-business market, Comeaux Supply is focused on the online and individual market.

We, with the U.S. Welder brand, are excited to branch out on our own and offer the same high standard caps that the “Comeaux” name is known for. Comeaux Caps is a family owned and operated company that has been in the welding industry for 50 years. The amount of knowledge and experience passed down to the next generation is invaluable. This allowed us to become confident that U.S. Welder will be a cap you will also love and depend on. Comeaux Caps and Comeaux Supply look forward to continuing this journey as both father & son companies. We are excited to begin this new venture and leave our own mark in the welding industry. We look forward to providing our customers with new designs, novelty caps, and the latest and greatest prints and colors. Head on over to our U.S. Welder category to take part in the excitement of new beginnings and purchase your U.S. Welder Caps! 

For any inquires or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Craig Comeaux, Owner


Ashley Bolen, Sales Manager


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